Wind Energy Holding (WEH) operates its business with a strong commitment inclined towards the benefit of the public and the general good and places immense attention on environmental care and protection. WEH recognizes the importance of environmental issues and that of the communities surrounding its projects. The company has adopted a clear policy to develop wind farms while synchronously paying attention to environmental issues with considerable care. This policy is underpinned by the philosophy of “Three-S”: Strength of the community that is achieved through the implementation of Self-sufficient schemes, which then leads to the most important achievement, that is, Self-reliance among villagers and the community. This way, WEH will be able to put a smile on people’s faces while helping them develop a career or occupation, and also assisting them in instilling pride in themselves and their community. WEH will do these in a constructive way and with good understanding of its responsibilities. Then, a good flow of economy within the community will be ensured and the community will be enhanced and strengthened in a sustainable way.

CSR Policy

1 Conduct and cooperate activities with transparency based on good corporate governance
(Integrity in Corporate Activities)
  • Operate and manage the business of the organization in a transparent manner.
  • Set up a working group of designated staff to oversee the aspects of safety/security, occupational health, and environment.
  • Conduct CSR activities following the acceptable organizational standards.
2 Operate the business in compliance to the standards of environmental preservation
(Harmony with the Environment)
  • Promote and support taking good care of the environment and the surroundings.
  • Manage to seek and adopt measures to reduce impacts on the environment and the community.
  • Reduce the amount of the waste, ensure cost-effective use of resources, and promote and implement the practice of re-use and recycle.
3 Respect the human rights of people
(Respect for People)
  • Respect the basic human rights of people.
  • Take action and follow-through to resolve any and all the complaints and grievances from community.
4 Support the sustainable development of the community
(Community Development)
  • Implement the support for community development in a sustainable way.
  • Educate the community about renewable energy; and how to use and utilize limited available energy in a cost-effective manner.