We Are The Largest And Fastest Growing Wind Energy Operator and Developer in South East Asia

Wind Energy Holding, Co., Ltd (WEH) is the regional leader in the development and operation of wind powered electricity generation in Southeast Asia. We have had the most rapid growth and are the biggest entity in renewable energy production in this region. The company harnesses wind energy, a clean, green and renewable source of energy to generate electrical power.

Established in 27th January, 2009, WEH was the realization of the innovative vision and the commitment of Mr. Nopporn Suppipat who had the desire to develop and distribute an alternate source of energy that was eco-friendly and nurturing to the world. Before WEH, Mr. Suppipat established Renewable Energy Corporation, which become the major shareholder of WEH, in 2005.



The company started to explore and develop wind energy by reviewing various data and information about the feasibility of the project. These included; the outcomes of statistical analysis of wind velocity, the physical survey of the sites, and an installation of a tower in order to measure the strength of the wind. Furthermore, surveys were carried out on the environment, the geographical characteristics and the community. Liaison activities with government offices concerned with the project were also conducted during this process.
Strong commitment and dedication were the key facilitators that aided in the development of a successful project. And on January 27th 2009, the largest and the first ever project for electricity generation from wind energy in Thailand was established by Mr. Nopporn Suppipat under the name of Wind Energy Holding, Co., Ltd., with a registered capital of 1,053 million Baht.
WEH has since achieved a solid growth and developed itself to become the very first company in the private sector who has procured applaudable credibility to produce, and to sell electricity commercially to the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT).

The largest and fastest growing wind energy operator and developer in South East Asia

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Currently, WEH has implemented and developed a total of 11 projects and secured more than 14 affiliate companies in its chain to accommodate future wind powered electricity generation projects. It could be said that WEH has now established itself as a genuine leader in wind energy development and wind powered electricity production, which has the largest entity of its kind in the Southeast Asian region. The company has set up a plan to develop wind-powered electricity generation projects to achieve 800 Megawatts of total productivity (or capacity) by 2016; and aims to increase the production to 3,000 Megawatts by 2020. WEH is geared towards gaining success in the development of world-class wind energy electricity generation projects. It is committed in becoming a prime example of a CSR-oriented organization by showing its concerns towards the community and the environment. The company is primed to actively advance its operations in the business of wind based electricity generation, which is an alternative smart energy that has a strong sustainable growth potential.